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Band Members

Phil Firkin

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

The Millennium Pulsar in this “Chain REACTION”

From the age of five Phil started absorbing Rock ’n’ Roll enzymes giving him the neutrons to ignite the vocal reactor.  A one time shipping monolith by day, Phil has supplied vocals, played guitar and bass with great Rock ’n’ Roll bands such as “Plastic Power”, “Jive Turkey”, “Retro Vibes”, “Caught In The Act” and “Shoot The Breeze”.  His influences are Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Joe Cocker, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Neil Young and Roy Orbison.  Phil plays a mean rhythm guitar  and the occasional harmonica.

Dianne Firkin

Lead Vocals, Sax, Harmonica

Brighter than a Solar Flare in this “Chain REACTION”

Displaying great energy and stage presence Dianne is as streamlined as a

Porsche Boxter with an effervescent fun loving personality.

She has the vocal chords to sooth the savage beast. Leading an impressive life of organisation and intellect, Dianne has sung lead vocals with “Chain of Fools”, “Silver Hair”, “Retro Vibes” and “Shoot the Breeze”.  She also plays an array of wind instruments, from Harmonica to Saxophone and loves to throw in some  Percussion instruments for fun.

Ben Humphreys

Lead Guitar, Vocals

The Acceleration Parameter in this “Chain REACTION”.

Ben took up guitar at age twelve inspired by the great Tommy Emmanuel.

Ben played with the original Rock n Roll band “Deliza” in gigs around

Perth and is presently playing in an “Acoustic Duo” in pubs and clubs.

Ben completed a Bachelors Degree at  WAAPA studying contemporary music and is continuing his

professional career in the music scene. 

His influences are Led Zeppelin, Tommy Emmanuel, Simon & Garfunkel,

The Beatles and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Jamie Martin


The Bass Metal Catalyst in this “Chain REACTION”

After being surrounded by a family of drummers, Jamie saw the light and picked up the electric bass at the age of  12.

  He has since locked down the bottom end in several local outfits including Two Weeks’ Notice, Chrysanthemum, RTF

as well as numerous blues collectives.

Some bands to have influenced him musically are Herbie Hancock, Cream, K, DIG and Sleepwalker.  

His favourite bass players are Jack Bruce, Dane Alderson, Tal Wilkenfeld, Janek Gwizdala and Matthew Garrison.

Tom Martin


The Percussion Isotope in this “Chain REACTION”

Tom started playing drums at the tender age of three thanks to the influence of his long time rock and roll drummer dad who played with various bands around Perth. Tom has played with bands such as The Watchtower”,  “Superfine”, 

The Jamie Martin Trio”, “Retro Vibes”, “Shoot the Breeze” and “RTF”.  

He has had tuition from some of the great drummers of Perth including Andy Fissenden. 

Tom’s influences are Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Cream, Dire Straits and The Police.  His drumming influences are of course the likes of Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, John Bonham and  Stuart Copeland.

Dan Slee


The Ivory-tinkling Wizard in this “Chain REACTION”

Daniel is currently studying the bachelor of contemporary music at WAAPA

after having completed the university's Certificate IV.

He has been playing since the age of 9 and had played on the Perth music

scene with cover bands such as 'VIBE' and 'The Two Cent Professionals'.

Dan has a love for performing  all kinds of music and is inspired by artists such as The Beatles, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and Elton John just to name a few.

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